Christianity According to Christ

A Harmony and Consolidation of the Gospel of Jesus from Old and New Testaments -

Editor's Preface

On Easter day of 1982, I was prevented from taking my own life by a voice that said, "Wayne, I love you. I forgive you and I'm not through with you yet." I believed then, and still believe, that it was the voice of God.

Wayne Robert Chaffer
The voice deterred me from suicide, but it didn't give me any directions as to how or why I should go on with my life. Because I'm the product of a nominally Judeo-Christian culture, I turned to the Bible for further instructions, but nothing I read there seemed to provide answers to these questions. That is, until I came to the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 11:28-30, which said to me: "Come to me, you who are burdened and weary. Learn from me, for I am gentle and meek. Serve me, for my yoke rests lightly upon you. And I will give your soul the rest that you seek." These words exactly described my situation and needs and, as I read them, I somehow knew that they came from the same source as the voice that had spoken to me.

Now, I had always relied on human science and logic to make sense of what went on around me, and I still do in my daily affairs in this world. But I can't explain these events in those terms. I can only say that they're as real to me as the most self-evident of empirical and scientific "truths", and that - based on these realities - certain conclusions logically followed:

- There is a God, who concerns himself with me.
- Jesus is God.
- The Bible contains the words of God.

And so it was that I came to Jesus, and set out to learn from him and to serve him. This volume is the result, to date, of the learning process. It's my personal understanding - gained through study and contemplation and validated, I believe, by the Spirit of God in answer to earnest prayer - of the message conveyed to mankind by God's words and deeds over the aeons. And this, I believe, is what Jesus calls his Gospel. I've found it to be simple and straightforward; to extend seamlessly from the creation to the end of the physical universe, and to contain all the knowledge I need to live my life the way God wants me to. And, in doing my best to live it that way, I've found my soul and the rest for it that he promises. That alone - as I never tire of telling my family and others - is worth any expense of time and effort, and any hardships or embarassments that one may incur along the way, in following Jesus.

You're welcome to use this, my personal summary of Jesus' - which is to say, God's - Gospel, as a guide or stimulus to your own studies and contemplation. But it's my view that we must all develop our own understanding of this individualized message from God to man. The Bible itself may be errorless, as many maintain, but it's read and interpreted by human beings who - without exception, myself not excluded - are self-seeking and self-serving. As the great apostle, evangelist and church-builder Paul suggests, the best and brightest of us see no more than a pale reflection of the truth in this world. If we uncritically accept any man's interpretation of God's words, deeds and intentions, we inevitably take on his mistakes and deceits as well as his insights.

I'm certain, though, that God - who loves us enough to have foregone his almighty powers and, in the person of Jesus, undertaken the pain and temptations of human existence - would not have set fatal traps for his sinful and foolish people. He will give each of us all the fulfillment and truth we need if we sincerely seek it for ourselves. May he bless you in your search as he has me.

Wayne Robert Chaffer

Born in 1936
Home with God and wife in 2003


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