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Wayne Robert Chaffer (1936-2003) The Editor, Wayne Robert Chaffer

- A warrior (awarded the South Vietnamese Medal of Honor, the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and the Distinguished Flying Cross with others),

- A scholar (taught Mexican history at Washington University in St. Louis and was smart enough to impress Betty Coburn at University of Southern California),

- A theologian ("Christianity According to Christ" has been 7 years in the making),

- The best Dad the Vietnam war ever tried to interrupt and

- A really funny guy.

You're welcome to peruse this site and learn what you may from his take on the Holy Scriptures. As one of his children (all of whom have distinctive views of God, the creation and humanity), I can say that we have learned from our Dad the fine art of discussion and that we're all in agreement regarding this particular aspect of his legacy. invites you to join in that great discussion -

"Just what, exactly, are the famous 'words in red' all about?"

May every memory of Wayne Chaffer and his dearly beloved wife, the vivacious Betty Chaffer, be filled with kindness and love.

And may the Lamb who was slain, Jesus, Messiah from tiny Israel, receive the dutiful reward of His suffering at the fulcrum of time: the joyous freedom and unleashed creativity of all mankind and their willing devotion to Him who is Creator and Servant of all. He alone can save this world from it's error. And He will return to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem the same way He departed from it... and Wayne and Betty will be with Him!

Acts 1:1-12
Zech 14:2-5, 7 and 9


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